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April 28, 2013

The sun came out for the Marathon, after a cold and miserable spring, last Sunday was one of the few glimpses of a real spring that we’ve had recently. One of my friends was running in it and I still hadn’t really registered when it was until her flatmate announced she was hosting a pre-marathon brunch. I’d already made lunch plans but luckily they were late, so I went to the brunch and joined her family heading to the 11 mile mark in Bermondsey to wave her on.

The atmosphere was perfect, happy, busy, excited; roads were lined with people and ice-cream vans. As we stood waving we saw several children buy fluorescent blue ice-cream with multi-coloured sprinkles, up till then I’d been craving an ice-cream, despite being full up from a hearty brunch, the blue ice-cream was quick to kill that craving.


I made bread to take to brunch, loosely based around the infamous New York Times’ no-knead bread, I threw 3 cups of half and half wholemeal and plain flour into a bowl, with a teaspoon each of salt and quick yeast (the good stuff, not the stuff with flour treatment agent in it), added a sprinkle of sunflower and pumpkin seeds and a cup and half of water plus a touch more to make a shaggy mess. I paid it very little attention, giving it a quick knead after an hour, adding some more flour to try and make it a little less wet. Left it to rise, beat it and left in the fridge overnight again. The thing I really like about that recipe though, is cooking the bread in a pre-heated pot – it works, the bread steams it self, producing a good crust and cooks evenly and well.

I made two loaves and saved one for myself, I ate it piled with butter and jam for breakfast on Monday morning.

bread and jam

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