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Cupcakes in memory

April 8, 2013



The wine rack is still covered in a fine dusting of icing sugar, I don’t know what to do with the tuppaware of leftover berry coulis in the fridge and I’ve yet to clean off the feint splashes of icing behind the sink.

These cupcakes were part of a series, for the last month we’ve been selling them round the office, to raise money for a charitable fund set up in memory of one of our own who died in tragic circumstances. Yesterday was my turn to host a cupcake making party, I hope I did well, plying my friends alternately with tea and Prosecco, then buttered crumpets in a bid to bribe them out of eating too many cupcakes.

We made 83 cupcakes (only a couple were lost due to hungry cooks), hardly a large number but enough to make a mess of my kitchen; although, my friends’ washing-up skills shouldn’t be sniffed at.




Simple vanilla cupcakes were covered in hundred and thousands; summer fruit coulis bubbled on the hob all morning adding a summery perfume to the deceivingly warm-looking sun outside. The coulis was stirred into a plain sponge to create a take on raspberry ripple and made into icing, which was reported by my office-mate to ‘taste like jam’; I hope that’s a compliment. My favourite were the cardamom and coffee cupcakes, a stunning flavour combination inspired by Niki Segnit’s ‘Flavour Thesaurus’, these were slightly heavier on coffee in the sponge and lighter in the icing than those I’d made before giving a more traditional coffee cake flavour. The best looking (and hence, best selling) were a catchy take on maltesers I’ve been meaning to try for a while, a malt cupcake with chocolate icing, inspired by Emma’s recipe at poiresauchocolate.

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