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Rosemary and Orange Cake

March 8, 2013

Rosemary cake1 The last time I made a rosemary and orange cake was years ago, three years ago to be precise. There is something extraordinary about this recipe, it always stays with me. Yes, I lost the recipe, then found it again, I forgot I’d found it until I recently came across it amongst some recipes I’d given to a friend. I’ve recently seen multiple recipes for rosemary, citrus olive oil cakes, which I want to try, but first I had to make this in its original incarnation.

As I have finally made the cake I named this blog after, I thought maybe it was time to re-instate the blog. London has caught up with me and I haven’t been baking as much the last year or so. I’d like to try and turn back the clock a little to the days when I used to bake constantly. Of course, the reason I haven’t been baking as much is because I’ve been busy doing all the wonderful things that are on offer, living in London. That and a lack of good cake eating flatmates but I have plenty of people to offer cake to and I’m better on flatmates now too.Rosemary cake2

I made this cake twice, the first time, I was having some mental maths issues and put an ounce too much flour in, as I was making a small cake this was enough to ensure it came out a little sturdier than cakes really should be. I took it into work, where it seemed to be much enjoyed but it wasn’t right and I wasn’t happy. Two days later my second attempt was technically successful but yet somehow lacking, it tasted too ordinary, it was just cake.

Just cake, the rosemary too subtle, the orange too common, altogether unmemorable. There is work to be done here, variants to be tried, more to come.

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