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October 30, 2011

There was everything and it was wonderful and that is it. I’ve been told that brioche and challah are oh so very different and been told that if I make challah I’m not allowed to call it brioche, ever. Sorry, it tasted pretty good (while underproved and overbaked) … I’m not fused what its real name is. There was cornbread, homemade granola, eggs, bacon, sausages and buttered quinces and apples. Buttered quinces and apples: I’ve never brought quinces before, however whilst exploring my local farmer’s market yesterday I couldn’t resist picking up some quinces. Not after spending most of last week reading blog posts about quinces, anyway. I didn’t expect them to be so solid, to brown so easily, to turn pinky-orange as they cooked. I couldn’t place their taste in comparison to anything I’d ever had before . However, I am converted: to buttered quinces and apples with yoghurt and homemade granola. Thank you to blogs, brand new cookbooks and the lack of nut-less granola’s on supermarket isles for that.

My friends took home jars of granola, I could have fallen over backwards, they were fighting over it and I was having to save some back for myself. I thought I’d made far too much, how wrong I was. I’m looking forward to leftovers and breakfast tomorrow morning.

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