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A chocolate cake

October 7, 2011

Just cake, a little cake, put into the oven too late at night. She was on her bike so there were no last trains to catch, somehow it just didn’t matter that I had to get get up for work at 6.30 in the morning and that I was already tired; there was cake. Its been a while since I baked with someone else and I’d been missing it, so when I knew I’d be making cake on a Thursday evening I also knew who to invite round to help me. Two days later I still haven’t caught up on sleep, there have been too many errands to run, too many exciting things to do, sometimes sleep is superfluous.

The cake was little, really little, 5-inches, for I couldn’t foresee many, or greedy, people eating it. It turns out that a cake that a cake this little can be packed in a backpack with ease and and survive a cycle ride across town with no damage. A housewarming offering, chocolate, as requested, little dairy, as required. I walked in to the smell of bacon frying and poked around to see the lovely flat, in a lovely area, I’m jealous.

This cake tastes of cherries, after a while I worked out that it was just the almonds causing this wonderful and unusual flavour. This cake doesn’t make a lot of sense, it doesn’t taste as you might expect but it does taste good and the lack of raising agent is useful when the supermarket is clean out of baking powder.

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