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September 12, 2010


I came home to find I’d forgotten my flatmates birthday, its not so bad, I also forget September had begun, timings have been a little funny this summer and its thrown me off. So, I said I’d make her cake, I wanted to make her something small and tall, I like small and tall when it comes to cake, yet many layered cakes are something I’ve rarely attempted. This was a 4 layer, 6″ inch cake and it worked really well.

I was thinking along the lines of raspberry and white chocolate, but that changed to dark chocolate to appease my flatmates tastes, after all the cake was meant to be for her.

No recipe here, its just a 3 egg pound cake with 100g of melted chocolate and coulis made from a punnet of raspberries that have been swirled into the cake batter. While this cake was great neither the chocolate or the raspberries came through as much as I would have liked and the swirling effect was hardly noticeable visually.

I kept the icing simple as I was trying to avoid too much dairy, a bar of melted dark chocolate, a spoonful of golden syrup and a touch of butter, a beautiful combination that really works, though it sets very quickly when you try and ice the cake.


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