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The East Coast

September 6, 2010

This past week has been phenomenal. I lived in another world, seeing old friends, revisiting old memories. I fallen more in love with Montreal than ever and a little out of love with Boston, but only because Montreal outshined Boston so brilliantly. Boston wasn’t about the city, but if it had been then I visited Boston and Montreal the wrong way round, because anything that came before Montreal fades into insignificance in comparison, Montreal is a beauty. I wish it wasn’t the case, because I love Boston, and visiting it again didn’t change that, in fact it confirmed it, in the heat and the sun Boston was beautiful and I desperately wished to be in one of the sailing boats out on the Charles, but Boston is still America, and while it may not feel too American, you cannot forget the fact. In Montreal you can forget you’re in North America, you can forget you’re in Canada and if it wasn’t for the occasional hits of Quebecois accents, you could forget you were in Quebec. I’m not saying Montreal feels European, yes, its the most European of any North American city but Montreal is an entity quite to itself, unlike anywhere else in the world, yet so similar to so many other places. Its what makes it so comfortable and so special. I’d forgotten the elegant beauty of Montreal in the summer, the heat haze over beaver lake, the brilliant green trees, cafes with terraces that spill out over the pavement. I wished I was staying longer to see summer swallowed by Autumn as the trees turned red and yellow and the temperature plummets, to spend another winter battling the snow and to do all the things that are still on my to do list.

Montréal me manque, plus que jamais.

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  1. Nabeelah permalink
    September 28, 2010 2:19 pm


    I just discovered your blog (via a Facebook comment from Tina appearing in my newsfeed that led me on a hunt for the mentioned tasty blog). And this post is exactly how I feel about Montreal. I hated people saying it was ‘European’ because it’s not, that would be demeaning for it. I remember my first sentiment doing post-Montreal travels back in ’08 – I was in Washington DC and I thought – ‘I don’t like this place at all. It’s so, so anglophone!’ Montreal had it all.

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