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Transatlantic Brownies

August 11, 2010

Be careful what you wish for.

P and I are making brownies; on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. This is no competition, after all food cannot be compared without tasting, and we are hardly in a position to taste each other’s brownies. This is better than a competition, by scychronising our brownie making I feel closer to P than I have at any other time since I last saw her.

The exactitudes of the timing of this batch of brownies are due to D, his demands that I should bring them into work while he is present; and his suggestion this afternoon of how my evening should play out in terms of brownie making. D was unimpressed that my plans for the evening included work followed by brownie making and suggested that brownie making should come first, I knew that would be dangerous, but once somebody else had put the idea into my head, I couldn’t help but reach for the chocolate as soon as I opened the door.

I’d been planning to make Pear Chocolate Brownies for a little while, I brought some truly terrible pears at the market, neither over or under ripe they managed to just taste nasty but I couldn’t bring myself to throw a whole bowl full of pears away. My solution, bake with them, of course.

The brownies were nothing special, they were slightly overcooked because I didn’t bother checking them, but even if they hadn’t been overcooked the recipe wouldn’t have been worth remembering. The pear and chocolate combination on the other hand most definitely was, even with the awful pears.

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