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Chocolate and Mint Ice Cream

August 4, 2010

My graduation present: Heston’s Blumenthal’s The Big Fat Duck cookbook; amazing. Its a huge and heavy tone, which consequently is sitting at home, far away from where I am. I love the whole idea of playing with the science of food to make new dishes. I can’t wait to go back home so I can sit on the sofa, with the book balanced on a pile of cushions and read the phenomenal history of the Fat Duck and Heston Blumenthal. The recipes include ingredients I have never heard of, things that I can’t even imagine procuring; that is part of the wonder of it all, the inaccessibility.

Way back when I was a first year and thought of getting a First as infinitely achievable I got my Dad to promise me that he would take me to either the Fat Duck or El Bulli if I achieved that First. On results day the First was enough of a prize in itself, however I saw no reason not to remind my father of his promise, after all, when else will I ever have a reason to eat in a restaurant like that. I rescinded instantly on El Bulli, there was never a realistic chance of that happening, but with several reminders my Dad was convinced to make good on his promise to take me to the Fat Duck. I cannot wait to see what the combination of food, an imagination and science can create.


For now though, there are simpler things, like chocolate and mint ice cream. I had virtually no food in the house last night, but felt like making something, so a simple chocolate ice cream recipe suited my lack of ingredients, I headed down my road and picked up some mint from one of the market stalls this morning to finish it off. I think this recipe has the potential to be wonderful, but my use of any old chocolate and being too lazy to melt the chocolate over simmering water did not suit it, the chocolate seized slightly and it doesn’t have the flavour it could have if I’d used decent chocolate. I also used muscavado sugar rather than demerara, due to my lack of ingredients, so it didn’t have the lovely crunch that it should have had. I’ll be sure to make it again with good quality chocolate and a little more care, as it came out tasting pretty good, I’m just after a little more than ‘pretty good’.


Chocolate and Mint Ice Cream

from Ice Cream by Liz Franklin

180g dark chocolate

100g caster sugar

3-4 tablespoons demerara sugar

small handful of fresh mint (VERY finely chopped)


Melt the chocolate, caster sugar and 200ml water in a bowl over a pan of simmering water.

Allow to cool, then stir in the mint.

Curn in a ice cream maker.

Halfway through churning, add the demerara sugar

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  1. Gary permalink
    August 5, 2010 8:46 am

    Hello. I’ve just found your blog, it’s lovely.

    Congrats on the First! Let us know how your experience is at The Fat Duck. I’ve been a Heston fan for years but never had enough time or money to go :-(

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