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Mascarpone Ice Cream

July 14, 2010

Already, I can’t remember what the many things I wanted to say are. Between moving, working and graduation amongst other things I haven’t been able to break in my new kitchen as I would like; still my sugar supplies are dwindling, so I have definitely been doing something along the lines of baking…

I’ve been looking for easy ice cream recipes to suit the summery weather, though the last couple of days have bucked the beautiful and warm trend that I was getting used to. I’ve hit upon one I’ve fallen in love with, its a mascarpone and milk ice cream; a grown up version of mini milks that goes beautifully with some good strawberries.

Mascarpone ice cream

from Ice Cream by Liz Franklin

250 g mascarpone cheese

25o ml whole milk

150 g caster sugar

Whisk mascarpone, milk, caster sugar together. Churn in an ice cream maker.

I didn’t actually churn this in my ice cream maker because it hadn’t been in the freezer for long enough, and I only took it out to beat it twice, so this is an easy one to make without an ice cream maker.

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