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Mythos and Gyros

June 17, 2010
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Mythos and Gyros was always going to be a good idea. It would never quite be the same, proper gyros, proper pita, cannot be re-created in a back garden, but O did very well, and the occasion produced talk of Greek island field trips and the usual explanations to those who are not on our course, of their significance. I was very impressed that Tom managed to get hold of a couple of crates of Mythos, and made some very good kebabs.

By some roundabout way, of which I am not quite sure, R and I ended up attempting to make homemade pita bread. I think attempted is the right word, it was not wholly successful. First of all I borrowed R’s mugi-magimax (aka… a circa 90s kenwood standmixer) to make the dough, and after upending a kilo of flour into the bowl and leaving it to knead the dough, found steam and an acrid burning smell coming out of it 10 minutes later. The mixer appears to still be in working order, suffice to say I don’t think it can deal with large quantities of bread dough.

I finished the dough by hand (the mixer had done a good job, I was impressed), and left it rise the day while I was out and about. I came home to dough that was trying to escape out the bowl. R and I rolled the, very sticky, dough into pita shapes, layered it up in foil and packed it up, ready to take to the gyros and mythos barbeque. So all was well and good until on arrival we found the dough was well stuck to the foil. It cooked ok, once it had been unstuck, but I think some of the pita breads were too thin. The dough was way too sticky, it seems in my excitement, that a stand mixer would allow me to knead a wet dough I had added too much water. I also vaguely remember that when making pizza I tend to oil the foil before rolling out the dough on it.

Some of the pita got eaten, and it tasted quite good, so it wasn’t a complete fail, bread is lovely to make, but its not so easy to get it right, luckily practicing is fun, despite failures.

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