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A little book

June 6, 2010

With a courgette and chocolate cake recipe from a friend I think I’ve finished the little recipe book. It something I’ve been planning for a long while, and didn’t expect to finish so soon. It hasn’t turned out quite as I though it would, it is more recipe heavy and a little less random, but that’s ok, I can barely remember what I planned to write in it anyway.

Searching for recipes that I love has been harder than I originally thought it would be, because while I frequently bake, often I’ll randomly pick up a recipe book, or google a recipe and scrawl it onto a post-it note. Its rare I even keep track of the recipes that came out well, so I try something new each time. Part of the purpose of this blog is to help me keep a track of what I bake, what I like, and what doesn’t work quite so well. So I’ve finished because I’ve included most recipes that I can remember making recently and that I think are worth passing on. The chocolate courgette recipe is one of two exceptions to this, its a recipe from J that comes with wonderful stories of how when she was in France the French were sure she was mis-translating when she told people she made courgette cake. I have never made it, but I remember trying it, and it was delicious, and if she could make it beautifully in the barely functional oven she was lucky to have in her odd little French flat, then it must be a recipe that can be made anytime anywhere.

The little recipe book is personal and I loved making it, choosing recipes to give a particular person is interesting. I watched myself run off track into topics other than baking, though never other than food. It may be a gift, but it was almost a self-indulgent exercise.

On finishing it my first thought was of another who may appreciate something similar, I have a feeling that may be a summer diversion.

These are incoherent ramblings, I apologise to anyone reading.

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