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Experiments and resuces

April 11, 2010

Some mandarins had been gradually turning to mulch in the fruit bowl for a while, and my flatmate was imploring me to use them in some way, so last night I decided to make orange curd. I had originally wanted to make some kind of whole orange cake, but a lack of a food processor and a poorly stocked cupboard didn’t allow for that idea.

I used a lemon curd recipe that I had tried before, just reduced the amount of sugar by about half and guessed how many mandarins might be equivalent to 2 lemons. The result was fairly disastrous, it tasted very eggy, a little too sweet and not nearly orangey enough. So this morning I made a basic cake mix, chucked in half the jar of orange curd and some extra flour; the result: a bog-standard slightly orangey cake, very edible, quite sweet, but nothing special. The cake actually formed a lovely crust and was quite moist inside, so the texture was good, even if the flavour wasn’t perfect. As I don’t normally experiment quite this much with cake mix, I tend to make small variations on recipes, rather than starting from scratch and guessing, but this has certainly given me more confidence to be more experimental.

The recipe is not worth recording, as I never plan to make that orange curd again, but the lemon curd recipe worked beautifully a few weeks ago, albeit that it may have been a touch runny.

Lemon Curd: from BBC food

2 lemons, rind and juice

2 eggs, beaten

2 oz butter

7 oz sugar

Beat together all ingredients, in a bowl over a pan of simmering water, stir until thick.

makes 1 jar.

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