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Relationships and Food

April 6, 2010

Homemade pasta with chorizo and ricotta

I cannot deny that my relationship with R is centred around food, that our friendship exists almost exclusively because of food. For R is somebody is know a long time, but I have only become friends with very recently, there are 3 reasons for this, firstly that his girlfriend is one of my good friends, but the existence of our friendship outside of her presence is due to a nasty course that we both took back in the autumn, and because of food.

R has taught me far more about cooking than he can possibly have any idea of, watching him cook has encouraged me to be far more liberal with butter and garlic, he has taught me that making gravy from scratch is so simple and tastes so good that it should never be done any other way. His influence has encourage me to just try stuff out. But most of all R is my pasta making buddy(!) I got a pasta machine for my 18th birthday, it was a great birthday present, although maybe a little unusual as an 18th present. It was never much used, at times, yes, when bored in the middle of the summer holidays I would dedicate half a day to making pasta, and hang lines of tagliatelle across the kitchen to dry out, but now R and I have got pasta making down to the point where it is reasonable to decide to have freshly made pasta for dinner. And it means we can experiment, although so far all our experiments seem to have involved plenty of chorizo and garlic, R works at a deli around the corner from my flat, which sell gorgeous chorizo.

Homemade pasta is quite unlike the fresh pasta you may buy in the supermarket, it has a lightness and a smoothness to it which is beautiful, it has so much flavour, especially if you do as I do fairly often and fill the dough with herbs. I have dreams of many different pasta experiments, but at the forefront of my mind is manti, when R is a little less stressed by his project I will have to suggest that we try and make manti.

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