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An exception

April 4, 2010

There is one exception to my fruit and meat rule, and its a significant one. When pancakes are had for breakfast, blueberries, bananas and bacon (and maple syrup) are the perfect accompaniment. Surprisingly, I was vehemently against the maple syrup, pancakes and bacon combination throughout my time in Canada. The first time I tried it was not very long ago, at uni, when I had some friends over for breakfast, and I was immediately converted. The salty-ness of the bacon complements the sweetness of the syrup (and fruit) beautifully, and prevents you feeling as though you have massively overloaded yourself with sugar in the morning.

I was reminded of this, because that’s exactly what we had for breakfast this morning, but the note I wanted to make here was about the pancakes. I put a spoonful each of ricotta and Greek yoghurt into the pancake mix and some lemon zest. As I was experimenting and there were mouths to feed, I didn’t want to go for the full on lemon and ricotta in the pancakes, but they came out really well, so next time I will up the quantity of both. The yoghurt idea was as a buttermilk subsitute, I have never made buttermilk pancakes before, so that’s something to try for next time as well.

Its Easter Sunday today, I love this day so much, its everything which is good about christmas (family and food), without the hype and the feelings of obligation. Easter is about spring coming, about fresh, summery foods. For me Easter always feels like a Greek celebration, and today as I was making tzadziki, that was never truer.

Another note: the water I squeezed out of the cucumber of the tzadziki was a sensational colour green and tasted delicious, I bet it would be really good for making a cucumber collins, mixed with some gin, ice and maybe some elderflower cordial.

I’m watching a documentary about the MOFs (meilleurs ouvrirs de France), the level of dedication and effort they put into competing in this competition is amazing, and my god, are these phenomenal pastry chefs!

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