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Bread and butter pudding

April 3, 2010

The spicy smell of cinnamon and mixed spice fills the kitchen, this is good omen.
A couple of days ago we brought some homemade hot cross buns from the local farm shop, they were lovely, but went stale quick, and this morning weren’t even fit to be toasted. But being far too delicious to throw away I decided to use them to make bread and butter and pudding.
I used the Panettone bread and butter pudding recipe from BBC good food as a guide – though the recipe states butter is optional, I’m not sure how a bread and butter pudding without butter would turn out? bread pudding anyone?

It turns out that the pudding didn’t quite live upto its smell, it was a bog-standard, quite nice bread and butter pudding, nothing more. But I think this recipe could work as base for experimentation.

~5 large, stale hot cross buns

100g butter

4 eggs

300ml cream

550ml milk

4tbsp sugar

Butter slices of hot cross buns and place in a butter dish, butter side up.

Mix together eggs, cream, milk and sugar and poor over the hot cross buns.

Bake in a ban-maire for 35 mins at 160˚C.

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