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Raspberry and Elderflower cupcakes

April 1, 2010

I think, maybe, that I get myself ‘addicted’ to sugar, it sounds silly, but the more I eat the harder it is to resist. Yesterday I made a batch of cupcakes and only ate one small one, in a way I’m proud of myself, normally I would eat several. Somehow its easier to be ‘good’ when my mum’s around because she knows and understands, and I create fewer excuses than I do when I’m cocooned in own world at university.

The cupcakes: elderflower and raspberry from ‘Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache’ the lack of butter and huge vegetable content makes of something quite unusual, denser than your usual cupcake, and they’re unexpected because they don’t taste like a typical cupcake even though they look like one. Cupcakes shouldn’t be made in muffin tins, I think next time muffin tins are all that are available, giant muffins sized cupcakes are a better solution than the wonky cupcakes that were produced by using cupcake cases in a muffins tin. I need to try more cakes from this book, so that I can come to a verdict on it, I’m quite undecided as to whether it is great or awful at the moment.

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