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March 29, 2010

The look on D’s face when he tried the ice cream was phenomenal, on first tasting it he had a considered look, as if to say, ‘this isn’t so bad’, then it changed to complete horror as the rosewater flavour hit. I wish I’d caught it on video.

The ice cream wins a lot of points for my biggest culinary disaster of the year, the issue seems to be that the rosewater I used was a lot stronger than that intended in the recipe that I used. Hence the rose flavour was pungent and overpowering instead of the subtle pretty flavour it should have been. I am surprisingly keen to try again though, I just don’t have anymore cream in the house at the moment. My note for next time: use a few drops of rosewater and keep tasting it, the rosewater I was using was rose oil in alcohol, not rose-flavoured water, which is what I expect this recipe called for.

I have filled the empty rosewater bottle with water, and that seems to be pretty pungent in itself, so I’ll keep that for next time I want to try something rose flavoured.

To cheer myself up I’m making hot cross buns, after all its Easter, and I’m not having the best of days with my dissertation…

… the hot cross buns came out very well, could have done with a little more spice, I didn’t have any nutmeg and only a teaspoon of cinnamon. The sugar water glaze worked really well, I just heated some water and sugar up together. I found that leaving them to rise with a damp teatowel ontop of them instead of the usual clingfilm helped them to rise really well – they came out huge!

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