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Fruit and meat?

March 25, 2010

I thought I was standing strong against being influenced by my father’s eating habits, but it seems I have been influenced more than I thought. I’m cooking a lamb tagine at the moment, on the request of T, though its not exactly what she was thinking of. You see, I consider the combination of dried fruit and meat to be an anathema (I’m not too keen on the fruit and meat combination in general), and this is a matter of perceived taste, not the actual combination of flavours. My father has never been able to eat fruit with meat, he blankly refuses, and will go on about how awful he considers the combination if the subject is brought up. My ‘yuck’ reaction to all the tagine recipes I found that included dates, apricots or raisins, was purely a product of my father’s food fussiness.
He is extraordinary, and as he gets older he gets worse, the list of foods he doesn’t like eating is quite extensive and he has other particular food habits. He prefers to eat his salad after the rest of the meal, if he could he would eat it on a different plate, well, if he could he would eat every part of every meal separately. He won’t ever eat anything before mid-morning (not that that’s so unusual, but its something I find utterly incomprehensible).
I’m looking forward to trying this tagine, especially as its starting to make the kitchen smell pretty good. I’ve never made one before, its rare that I’m adventurous with savory foods, excepting making bread or pasta! I went to the local butcher’s to get the lamb, because another thing that’s rare is that i cook with red meat, and because I’ve been intending to try the butcher’s for a long time now. Their meat always looks really good, and in theory I dislike supermarkets, even though I never actually shop at the local butchers, greengrocers, deli etc… its too expensive and inconvenient… unfortunately.
As I’m writing this I’m watching a program on BBC 4, about the search for a perfect loaf of bread, its making me want to make bread so much! Actually I want to meet this guy, he can bake… I must find out where his bakery is… oh its Hobbs House bakery – I’ve heard of them. I feel much less enthused now. Still, this is definitely inspiring me to go in search of good bread.

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