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Crossiant eating competitions

March 18, 2010

In my thoughts I define the point at which I started to just eat whatever and however much I wanted as the start of sixth form. Where I went from my mothers dinners and served school lunches, to a canteen which served good food 3 times a day. Where you could take as much or as little food as you wanted and return for limitless servings. I spent 6th form eating bread dipped in olive oil and vinegar as we sat chatting in the dining room after dinner. And it was fine, because at 17, I was slim enough that putting on weight was no issue, but I knew I was eating excessively, my mum frequently pulled me up on it. It became far less fine when it didn’t stop when I started uni.

Because it didn’t start then, previously I had just had my food intake controlled by others. When opportunity arose, I could eat, and eat. Croissant eating competitions were a regular feature of the breakfast table in senior school, I never actually won, I drew a lot, but there was a ‘mythical’ record that I never managed to beat.

My relationship with food is not particularly healthy or sensible, at the moment I’m trying to gain some self-control, I was doing well, but I’ve lapsed recently and its taken me a while to realise. Regaining that control is difficult, I find temptation rather more than a little hard to resist. By writing about food, and particularly about baking I’m hoping to gain some perspective on the way I view food and its role in my life, in the hope that, that will help me to gain some self-discipline when it comes to eating.

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